Special Occasions

From the first day of the academic year, extracurricular activities injected a dose of levity into rigorous courses of study. Student government oversaw orientation week activities, which included picnics and meetings between Big and Little Sisters. As girls began arriving from across the country, orientation week became an important period of acclimation and a rite of passage into a new school culture. Dances served as another popular form of entertainment. Although Bouvé remained a single-sex school until its merger with Northeastern University, men were allowed to attend school-sponsored dances and parties. Theater, dance, and swim performances filled the Parents’ Weekend and Class Day programs.

Invitation to farewell dance, 1920.

Freshmen orientation week evaluation, 1959.

Performance of Alice in Wonderland, 1955.

Fortieth anniversary celebration of Bouvé-Boston School of Physical Education, 1954.

Students perform the lobster quadrille as part of a Class Day performance, 1955.