Students through the Years


Students practice shoulder stands at camp, 1919.


Bouvé alumnae remembered their days at school with great fondness. Those from the early years particularly carried a strong sense of having broken new ground for women in higher education. When Dean Emerita Catherine Allen began collecting the School’s history, many alumnae answered her call to share a “flavor of the times.” Students and staff from the early years responded with special vigor. Their reminisces portray life at Bouvé in the early twentieth century as a whirl of activity, a period when women navigated between the gender norms of older generations and the free-spirited independence of the modern woman. Differences in opinion often arose between faculty and students, but pride in the School’s achievements united these groups.



Bouvé-Boston School students sit in music class, ca. 1955.



A student takes an exam, ca. 1963.

Boston-Bouvé student on co-op at the Boston School for the Deaf, 1972.