Minnie Lynn

Dr. Minnie L. Lynn at her director's desk, ca. 1963.





"In essence, the unifying of the whole person or personality in the larger sense, with aspirations and skills and optioned experience, has been fundamental in our purposes as a profession."


-Excerpt from address to the National Association of Physical Education for College Women, 1968.

Minnie L. Lynn’s professional journey began in the Ohio school system. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College, Lynn taught physical education to grade school students until 1930, when she assumed the directorship of health and physical education at McKinley High School in Canton, Ohio. In the 1940s, Dr. Lynn relocated to Pennsylvania, where she earned her Master’s from Penn State University and her Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. Her tenures as Director of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and as a Professor of Education at Pittsburgh prepared her for the administrative responsibilities at the Bouvé-Boston School.

The Pen

Dr. Lynn earned the nickname “The Pen of the Profession” for her prolific contributions to the field of physical education. The American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation recognized her accomplishments by electing her president from 1960-1961. While leading Bouvé as Director and Dean, she also traveled around the country, delivering speeches at conferences and ceremonies, in classrooms and reception halls. Lynn’s reputation conferred respect on the Bouvé program.

Dean Minnie L. Lynn in the library with students, 1960. 

Dr. Minnie L. Lynn delivers a speech, 1961.