Marjorie Bouvé: Namesake

A Massachusetts native, Marjorie Bouvé received a diploma from the Boston Normal School of Gymnastics and a BS in Education from Boston University. Bouvé taught at Bradford Academy, Smith College, and in the Boston public schools before joining the development team behind the Boston School of Physical Education. She served as Director of three institutions for over thirty-five years, participated in numerous national organizations devoted to advancing physical education, and presided over the Eastern District Association of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.


Skilled, formal, and strong-willed, Marjorie Bouvé cut an imposing figure to her pupils and professional associates. An impish sense of humor and playful sensibility, however, garnered her love and admiration. Bouvé not only led an active sporting life filled with sailing, shooting, and other field sports. She also traveled extensively and operated a jigsaw puzzle business out of her family’s home. Her long tenure as Director and enthusiastic participation in camp activities helped her forge ties with generations of students.


Marjorie Bouvé on bowsprit of Attaquin (view two).
Marjorie Bouvé on beach.
Miss Bouvé plays the part of a captain in a skit for a camp show at Camp Kineowatha
Marjorie Bouvé and friend on sailboat.
Marjorie Bouvé in costume as Theodore Roosevelt.
Marjorie Bouvé assesses the results of her target practice.
Marjorie Bouvé and Guy
Marjorie Bouvé attends alumnae event