Bouvé School

Marjorie Bouvé attends field hockey game against the Sargent School, 1922.

Marjorie Bouvé brought teaching skills and business acumen to her new enterprise. Between February and September 1925, she raised funds for her new school, recruited teachers and students, leased facilities, and opened the Bouvé School. Curriculum and standards paralleled those of the Boston School of Physical Education. Her experiences as a founder and board officer at BSPE helped the new institution successfully compete for students and funding.

Of the highest quality...

Physical education professionals regarded “Bouvé girls” as exemplary candidates for teaching positions, yet many schools perceived their lack of a Bachelor’s degree as a shortcoming. Marjorie Bouvé petitioned the Massachusetts Board of Education to authorize the Bouvé School as a degree-granting institution. Despite testimonials from educational peers, the Board denied her request.

Letter to the Massachusetts Board of Education, 1929.

Letter on the quality of a Bouvé education, 1929.